Environmental Observation and Informatics

What is EOI?

The Environmental Observation & Informatics (EOI) Master of Science degree provides training that is in demand by industry, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, and academia. The program is rooted in the disciplines of:

By spanning these 3 disciplines, you will be ready for a career at the intersection of the geospatial and environmental fields.

What You Will Learn

Areas of Focus

To see examples of what you can do with the EOI degree, visit the Program Advantages page.

EOI Program Recruiting Students to Work on NASA Land-Cover and Land-use Project in South America

Two incoming students from the Environmental Observation and Informatics program will have the opportunity to work with Conservation International on a three-year grant to study how market forces and Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) interventions impact forest carbon dynamics in the Guiana Shield Ecoregion. The project combines remote sensing data analysis with field work, spatial econometrics, and socioeconomic surveys.

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